Jeans Done

I finally finished a pair of jeans that I think fit mostly well.  They are a tad snugger than I would have liked, but hopefully I’ll continue on my slow weight loss and then they won’t be anymore.

This past summer I took a Craftsy class taught by Angela Wolf called Sewing Designer Jeans.  I chose to use McCalls 6610 as my pattern.  I chose this pattern mainly because of the reviews about it — lots of folks were whining about its being too high waisted.  Tha6610t sold me on it.  It’s still below the belly button, as you can see on the left two models, but as least I feel as though the garment covers most of me.

So last summer during the class, I bought several yard of inexpensive denim (thanks and I made several pairs of Bermuda shorts to work on the fit and the process of sewing a pair of jeans.  The shorts fit with varying amounts of success.

Today, I finished my first successful pair of jeans.  I used a 6.5 oz black Kaufman denim that I found at  At only $7 a yard and needing only 2 1/2 yards for the jeans, they ended up costing less than $20 if my math is correct.

So without further ado…. this is what this pattern looks like when modeled by someone a tad larger than the models on the pattern cover.


At this point, I hadn’t hemmed them yet.


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