Two Weeks of Nutrisystem….

As I mentioned in my last post, I need to lose weight and I wanted to give Nutrisystem a try.  Since Walmart sells 5 day kits, I bought two of them….one was “regular” and the other was categorized “diabetic.”   After I bought them, I then decided to google them and see what the consensus was.  Not being able to find any recent reviews, I embarked on this taste test.

I was going to try each one and give you a run down on each meal, but that seemed a bit presumptuous.  Not even my husband cares about my opinion that much.

So overall the food wasn’t bad.  I wouldn’t consider it good, but if I didn’t enjoy cooking or I were a bad cook, I wouldn’t think twice about staying on the Nutrisystem diet.  But the truth is that I think I”m a pretty good cook and so does my husband and I felt pretty bad feeding him microwave meals just because I was doing a diet with prepared meals.

On the two weeks  I was on the diet, I lost about 5 pounds.  For the most part I didn’t feel hungry, but honestly, if I never see another clementine or another string cheese stick it will be too soon.

I don’t tend to eat breakfast or dessert so my husband was the recipient of those items.  He wasn’t fond of the Oreo-type cookies, but everything else he seemed to like.  I LOVED the chicken pot pie and the home-style chicken.  Most everything else was ok.  The cheese tortellini met an early death.  That was NOT good.

I’m glad I tried it and if you’re considering Nutrisystem it may be in your best interest to go to Walmart and get a 5 day kit and give it a try.  Some of the meals are good; some not so much.

Now that I’ve proven to myself that I can live off of “normal” portion sizes, I’m eager to continue on my weight loss journey.  I know I need something less restrictive than Nutrisystem but I also know that figuring the points for Weight Watchers isn’t quite for me.

I’m a fan of Cooking Light Magazine and have tried many of their meals and haven’t gotten a bad one yet.  They just happen to have a new Cooking Light Diet.  They come up with 7 days of meals (breakfast, lunch, supper and a snack) and you do the shopping and cooking.

I did the first supper of that diet tonight.  It was a Southwestern Salsa Burger.  It consisted of 90% lean ground beef, ground chipotle pepper, pepper jack cheese, and salsa.  It was really yummy.  It didn’t taste like “diet” food but the entire burger — including the bun — was only 328 calories.  What gave it away as diet food was that it was served with a salad instead of french fries.  Still at the end of the meal I was full and satisfied.  I felt naughty.


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