And so the world chugs on

I wonder if in in the 1950s life seemed as out of control as it does today.  We look back on the 50s and 60s as almost a golden age.  Have things changed so dramatically or are we looking at those decades through rose colored glasses?

I’m not sure if I would be willing to trade the grand strides that women have made in society for the idyllic peace of the 1950s but I’m not sure that I wouldn’t.

I will tell you that I’m tired of the politics of the group of folks I, not-so-lovingly, call RWWs or Right Wing Whackos.  They voted for the 56th time to repeal the Affordable Care Act.  Fifty-six times!   As much as I would like to say that I’m open-minded and tolerant enough to overlook someone’s politics, I just can’t imagine ever having a close friendship or other close relationship with anyone whose sole purpose in life is to take away health care from 19 MILLION Americans.

I’m also at my wit’s end (not that there are a lot of them) when it comes to ISIL/ISIS. I don’t understand the mindset behind what they are doing.  I hate that it’s also ratcheting up anti-Muslim sentiment in the rest of the world.  The vast majority of Muslims are as appalled as we are at what ISIS is doing.  The RWWs here in the US are fanning the flames.

I am too young to have any first hand knowledge of the experience of Jews during World War II and in the decades leading up to it.  I imagine that it must have started similarly to what I see around me here in the United States.  Politicians whipping folks into a frenzy about the Muslims, working hard to classify them at the “other.”  “They are trying to take over our country, the evil Muslims.”

I can’t help but wonder, did we learn nothing from the Holocaust?  Am I overly sensitive to what I perceive to be happening because I am Jewish and I’ve had decades to learn about how evil demonizing an entire people because of their religion actually is.

And to everyone who still thinks that ISIS represents main-stream Islam…. Jordan is a Muslim country.  If ISIS were for Muslims, they wouldn’t kill their own and Jordan wouldn’t have had a pilot of theirs brutally murdered.


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