Public Service Announcement

First of all, let me say right out that I don’t have any connection with the software/app I’m going to be plugging today.  I just really love it.

I got my iPad shortly after the original one came out. I looked around long and hard for a cooking/recipe app that would save my own recipes.

I finally decided on a recipe app called Paprika.  At the time, it was expensive as far as apps go.  Most were $1.99 or less, but this was a bit higher.  I loved it instantly.  You can browse the web through the app and automatically download recipes from many different sites automatically.  For those sites that aren’t compatible, you can just copy and paste the recipes.  Unfortunately, at the time it was only available on Mac and iPad.

I’m an Android phone type of gal.  Then it became available on Android.  I immediately bought that version.  The two versions sync well and now whether or not I have my iPad with me, I always have my phone.  I can easily look up recipes when I’m in the grocery store.

Then tonight I found out that there has been a Windows version for a couple months now.  I immediately downloaded that.  I do most of my recipe browsing on my computer so now I can save recipes and they automatically sync with my other devices.

The downside is that each of the different versions have to be bought separately.  You can’t just buy once and use it on different platforms.  To me, that makes sense since the programming required for each of the platforms is different.

If you’re a foodie like me who loves technology, this is a great app.  Whether you have Apple products, Windows products or Android products, you’re covered.  And they all sync up perfectly.


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