A Post About Nothing

You know, sometimes life just gets pretty boring. Not that that is a bad thing….most of the time. But it does make it difficult to come up with snappy and interesting blog posts.


Dinah, on the other hand, finds things interesting in the strangest ways. She’s really big into decapitating and de-stuffing her stuffed squeaky toys. She’s also been interested in de-stuffing my quilts. Now, granted, I’m no Harriet Hargrave when it comes to quilting but it’s still disheartening to find a hole chewed in one of my quilts.

In other news…
• I reformatted my hard drive on my laptop computer and I’m in the process of putting everything back together.
• I promise that this time I will be more careful to keep my hard drive organized.
• It appears that I have not lost anything in the reformat. (That’s really strange – I, invariably, forget to back up something).
• I’ve been continuing to play with cooking in the pressure cooker.
• I’m so ready for summer, but we’re supposed to get 4-8 inches of snow Saturday. (To me, Saturday is “tomorrow” but since it’s nearly 2:30 am, Saturday is really today)

As sad as it is, that’s all the news that’s fit to print.


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