Felix’s Family Ristorante

My husband, Jody, and I have a date night almost every week.  It’s nothing crazy…. we’re usually home by 7 pm.  Yep, we’re nothing if not wild and crazy partiers.

I’m also a huge fan of Groupon.  By buying Groupons for local restaurants we’re able to extend our $$$ for nights out.  Where we would usually spend $60, we end up spending $30.  So we’ve been able to try a wide array of restaurants, some we will never return to, some we’d like to but without a Groupon they’re out of our every day price range, and some are just perfect for us.

About 3 months ago I bought a Groupon for a restaurant called Felix’s Family Ristorante  located at 214 Dickinson Street Springfield, MA 01108.  But then we saw that it wasn’t in the best part of town.  Not a HORRIBLE part of town, but the traffic is bad and it’s just not where we normally go.  So we procrastinated.  The Groupon was due to expire very soon so Monday we went.  We found the location wasn’t as bad as we thought it would be, though it did appear to be a hole in the wall, and we could get there using a back way.  (Thanks, Julia — Julia GPS, that is).   But it was closed on Mondays.  *sigh*

We went back the next day.  We walked in the front door.  Hole in the wall was right.  There was a counter for take out pizza and the room the door opened into consisted of about 3 booths and 2 tables.  I thought, OMG what have I gotten us into?  But it turns out there is a whole other dining room.  It was like walking into an elegant restaurant setting.

The food… it was delicious.  I got the Veal Picatta special.  If you like lemon, it was to die for.  The dining room, on a Tuesday, mind you, was PACKED.  There were people waiting when we finished and left.  They don’t serve alcohol but they welcome you to bring in beer or wine.

This is a place that many people had obviously already discovered.  Thanks to Groupon we finally have, too.  Groupon or not, we’ll return.


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