DIY Dog Bed

Two nights ago as I was getting in bed, I noticed it was a bit wet.  That’s never a good sign, but it can be catastrophically bad when the bed in question is a waterbed.  Thankfully, it was a smallish leak and the mattress liner contained the leak until I had a chance to empty the mattress.

Then as luck would have it, while there’s a 20 year warranty on the mattress and I’d only had this new mattress for 61 days, I bought it at and I was 31 days past the return date.  Sure I could return it to the manufacturer, but I’m a bit cheap and didn’t want to pay the shipping to send it to them, wait up to 90 days (per the warranty) while they decided whether to repair it or send me a new one, and then pay for the return shipping to me.

So I called Amazon and was reminded why I like shopping there so much.  I explained the issue to Gil and he issued a return label for me, helped me order a new mattress and expedited the shipping to one day at no charge.  And then, he refunded the entire purchase price so I was in effect, just exchanging the mattress.

Now I’m here on the bed, on top of several layers of blankets and quilts while it warms up, ready to get a good night’s sleep after spending a couple nights on the couch with two dogs.

While I was out today playing “Let’s Find the Package” at two local post offices (each said the other had the package), Dinah decided she was going to play “Let’s Eat the Blistex” at home.  She’s a lot less innocent than she looks.  And yes, I crate here while I’m out but her dad came home  and let her out.  In her spare time, when she’s not busy eating Blistex, she enjoys tearing her toys apart, removing the stuffing from my pillows and shredding Kleenex.

Dinah in her bed.

Dinah in her bed.

Her bed is made from an old sweater I knit.  In fact it was the first pullover I ever knit for myself.  It’s an ingenious method for repurposing old sweaters or sweatshirts.    You can find instructions for this project on the internet.  Here’s where I found them.

Next time I’ll tell you about a new restaurant we discovered in Springfield (Massachusetts) thanks to Groupon.


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