I can’t hope for Unity

Sometimes I spend so much time inside my brain that I find it hard to keep my life in balance. I’m a self-proclaimed political junkie, but things have gotten so crazy that I can’t even figure out how “unity” is supposed to happen.

I can’t bring myself to even consider uniting with people who attacked the Capitol, or supported a man who lied as easily as the rest of us breathe, or supported undoing rights and responsibilities of LGBTQ folks, or yanking children and babies from vulnerable people who are coming to the United States and seeking asylum. It’s not that I don’t want us all to unite and be all kumbaya and all, but I just can’t. I can’t overlook those things. It’s not a difference in politics. It’s a difference in morals.

Hell, I don’t have children. I don’t even like children. I’m soon to be 57 years old and I’ve never touched a child younger than 3 years old. But even so, my heart literally ACHED for the parents of those children who were taken from them. Hundreds of the children are here in the United States … somewhere … and the parents have been deported without their kids. How would YOU feel?

Before you tell me, well, they shouldn’t have brought their kids this far. They were asking for it. You would do anything it took to keep your kids safe, wouldn’t you? I can’t think of a single person who would travel 2,000 miles (or 3,000 or 4,000) with young children if what they were trying to get away from wasn’t horrible.

Then they get here. That they get turned away at the border and forced to go back to the hell that they were trying to get away from is horrible enough. But to do it after their child(ren) were stolen from them.

Tell me that’s the moral thing for our country to do. Tell me that the kids will be fine. They won’t be. The trauma they went through is going to follow them around for a lifetime. It’s unforgivable.

And I can’t stomach the idea of uniting with fellow humans that thought that was a good thing.

I can’t unite with Trump supporters. I just can’t, and I don’t want to, pretend they are the type of people I would want to hang out with.

So I think that in this present climate, the best we can hope for is that the MAGA folks will get drummed out public office and drummed out of polite society.

And I hope like hell that Donald Trump’s ass never crosses the doorposts of the White House ever again.

Insanity Reigns

I can’t really express the depth of despair I’m feeling right now. It was a huge boost to have Biden elected as our next president but we still have to make it through this next month. Bombings in Nashville. Another police shooting of an unarmed black man. Another vow by McConnell to undermine a Democratic president. How are we ever going to get back to being a country that we can be proud of.

Georgia, it’s up to you.

Facebook Changes

Gah! I like the changes this time on FB, except they recently changed the layout of their banners and now my fancy schmancy banner doesn’t look right.

She doesn’t back down

I have a giant breed dog, Stella, who is a Great Pyrenees/German Shepherd mix. She weighs in at just under 100 lbs. I have a medium sized dog, Lilith, who is a pitbull mix and weighs in about 45 lbs. And then we have Dinah, who weighs in at a whopping 10 lbs and she’s a chihuahua mix.

Dinah is the oldest and she rules the roost. Stella, for the most part, will follow Dinah’s orders. Lilith isn’t so compliant but doesn’t have a mean bone in her body.

Both Stella and Lilith love to play tug. Of course, Dinah doesn’t want to be left out. And she even won this battle.

Liquor in a Grocery Store???

I grew up in Florida where you could buy beer and wine in a grocery store but when I moved up to Massachusetts, it was totally different up here. No alcohol in any store other than a liquor store or a convenience store. At least I think you can buy beer in a convenience store up here. I don’t drink beer so I’m not 100% sure. But in any case, grabbing a bottle of wine at the grocery store, not gonna happen.

In fact, when I first moved up here in 1996, you couldn’t even buy alcohol at all on Sunday except on the Sundays from Thanksgiving to New Years Day That changed in 2004. Since I’m not a planner, I never remembered to make sure I had wine for Sunday.

This past week, I went into a Big Y in Springfield and lo and behold, I saw this:

Not just beer and wine! The good stuff, too. IN A GROCERY STORE! Made me **almost** want to move to Springfield.

Ridin’ for Biden

Finally got my yard sign today and it’s out there proudly displaying my support for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. I am so ready for the hell that has been the Trump administration to be over.

I’ve always been fiercely Democratic. Having grown up on the “Redneck Riviera” (aka the Florida Gulf Coast) I was raised around “conservative values.” To me, those values often meant that white folks, especially white men, had more opportunities than people of color. While I didn’t really think of it in such specific terms, I always knew that as a white female I had it much better than people of color.

After I got out of the Air Force and married an Air Force aircraft mechanic, we spent the next 15 years living in Oklahoma, Colorado and Texas. Then he retired and I went to school in Massachusetts which is where we ended up staying. I started living here full time in 1996. I used to think of Florida as home. But about 2013, I went back to Pensacola to surprise my mom for Mother’s Day. My brother introduced me to his coworkers as “This is my liberal sister I was telling you about.” As a proud liberal, I wear it like a badge of honor. But I’m not sure it was meant that way.

We also went out to a restaurant and there were a lot of “Good Ol’ Boys” and girls there. I felt totally out of place. The make up of the citizenry hadn’t changed. I had.

While I enjoyed spending time with my family, that’s when I realized that Massachusetts is my home now and I don’t really belong in the South anymore.

Two Happy Dogs

Lilith (left), Stella (right)

It’s not often that Stella gets to go out because she’s a very fearful dog and I need to be able to control the surroundings enough to keep her from freaking out. But she made it clear she was ready to go for a walk today.

Instead of using two leashes, I pulled out the dual dog lead addition for one leash and decided to give it a shot. I’ve never used it for Stella and/or Lilith. We had a few issues of Lilith wanting to go from side to side but for the most part, we had a very successful walk. And a very happy Stella.